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What they say!

“iaam is a beautiful collaboration of entertainment, creativity, and information”
- Jannet Park, Glen A. Wilson High School, CA

“iaam is a place where teens can easily be inspired and encouraged to be their absolute best. Written by young people, for young people, iaam is a site that is incredibly relatable and accessible. With the latest in entertainment and lifestyle, iaam offers everything in a friendly, high-quality place.”
- Allie Baker, Public Relations & English majors, Penn State University

“iaam goes beyond the surface of what teens and young adults--both guys and girls--are interested in. We live in a world full of curiosity and resources thanks to the internet, and, having iaam as a resource for information that is both current with entertainment and that can target the deeper issues young adults face is incredible. I haven't come across anything quite like this site...one that fills in the gaps that conventional teen and young adult media so often leave us with.”
- Elise Sabak, English major and Public Relations minor, Wayne State University

“iaam makes me think of empowerment and creating a support network to help teens find their niche and what they're passionate about. It helps develop skills, answer questions, and let's teens know that they're not alone. The stories on iaam are like a conversation with your best friend, rather than getting that awkward advice from your parents or older family members. I think that's what's most important about the iaam brand, it's a virtual support network.”
- Kaitlyn Kramer, Public Relations and International Development, University of Florida

“I was blown away by iaam.com! I love its mission.”
- Aliyyah Camp, Communications freshman at University of Pennsylvania

“I love that iaam is a place on the Internet that actually has something for everyone. It isn't focused on a male or a female. There's an article to address everyone's interests such as new technology or the latest celebrities. iaam embraces positive attitudes and influences young adults to become better people. I'm truly blessed to be a part of the iaam team.”
- Heather Newman, English Major and Journalism Minor in my Junior year at Molloy College.

“iaam is a place where there is something for every young adult that wants to learn more, gain experiences, and try new things. It is a great resource for people that are seeking advice on certain topics or want to learn new things about the entertainment world. What makes iaam different is their incorporation of student writers who can give a personal and honest perspective on things that every young adult want to know, but doesn't always want to ask. It gives young adults the opportunity to learn more from people who are just like them.”
- Chanel Raquel, Public Relations major from California State University, Fullerton

“iaam is like Seventeen or Elle magazine, but more accessible to people and with a better message. I think iaam is a great place to get all kinds of advice. It encourages teens to better themselves and accept others. iaam also has amazing music and movies pages that let me know about the newest artists and films!”
- Jessica Buckholtz, Communications and PR major, Slippery Rock University

“Unlike other teen and young adult websites, www.iaam.com provides a sufficient balance between entertainment and real life tips. The site manages to keep things fun while still focusing on the important things, such as future planning and ways to get ahead in life. Instead of the typical celebrity bashing, www.iaam.com gives you stories about relatable young people who are creating their own success. ”
- Nicole Przenioslo, University of Central Florida

“iaam.com is not only a place where teenagers can find a conglomeration of entertainment, life advice, and community they seek in other corners of the web, but it also offers a great platform for up-and-coming bloggers and journalists to publish their writing. iaam serves also as a haven from all the negativity that scatters the internet. It shines the much-needed positive light into the hectic lifestyles of today's teens.”
- Mary Kay De Guzman, Communications Major, De Anza College

“My first impression of iaam.com was refreshing. Aesthetically, the website was clear and concise and the light green theme allows for a light-hearted air about the page. What really stood out to me though were the headlines of each article. They are consistently straightforward to what the article is about without any fluff. The main page also contains many headlines leading to articles about being successful and happy, not just entertainment or fashion. It is also very diverse, with just enough information written about a wide selection of numerous topic someone searching the page may be interested in. Something I found unique and important to me was the "money" and "scams" section, this is something unique to iaam.com and caught my eye immediately as a college student, and should intrigue to other young adults as well.”
- Taylor Ann, Pennsylvania State University

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