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Introducing New Artist Lauren Frawley

Posted by iaam

At just seventeen years old, New Jersey native, Lauren Frawley, is fulfilling her dream of becoming a recording artist one day at a time. With almost 81 thousand Instagram followers, 8.4 million streams of her cover of Alessia Cara’s ‘Here’ on SoundCloud, and an ever-growing fan base, she is just getting started. iaam sat down with Lauren at a studio in New York City to find out a bit more about her, her goals, and her fans.


iaam: What are three words that describe you?
Lauren Frawley:
Loud, outgoing, and ambitious.

iaam: You’ve been singing since you were five years old, when did you realize you wanted to fully pursue being a singer?
Lauren Frawley:
I guess I realized that I wanted to sing when I was five. It’s funny- when I was little, I thought everyone that sang wanted to be a singer. So, when all the other girls in my grade that sang would say, ‘I want to be a teacher when I grow up,’ I wouldn’t understand! I’d be like well, then why’re you singing?

Honestly, there was never a Plan B.

iaam: Do you have any musical inspirations?
Lauren Frawley: 
Freddy Mercury- he is amazing, Bono from U2, Jennifer Hudson, and Lady Gaga

iaam: So you started off by posting covers on SoundCloud. What has been your favorite song to cover?
Lauren Frawley:
‘Nobody Love’ by Tori Kelly. I love the high notes in the song! They show off my voice and [the notes] are very challenging... and I love a good challenge.

iaam: Your cover of ‘Here’ by Alessia Cara has over 8.4 million streams! Do you feel like that was a breakthrough point for you?
Lauren Frawley:
Yeah for sure. I think that’s how a lot of people have found me. I’ve gotten messages on Instagram saying that they’re on my page because of that cover!

iaam: How did it feel going from releasing covers on YouTube and SoundCloud to releasing your first two singles?
Lauren Frawley:
It’s absolutely unreal. I remember just a couple years ago, I was telling my friends that someday, I’d be releasing my own songs and they would tell me how impractical I was. So, I’m proving them wrong! My dream was always to be in a recording studio so it was so nerve-wracking at first!

iaam: Your song, ‘These Lips’ has a very alt pop/R&B vibe. What kind of musical style are you ultimately shooting for?
Lauren Frawley:
I want a sound that’s similar to Rihanna’s- so I’m definitely shooting for the alt/R&B pop music style.

Check out These Lips here!

Lauren Frawley- These Lips

iaam: Speaking of ‘These Lips’, we absolutely love it! Do you have any plans for upcoming songs or an EP?
Lauren Frawley:
I’m just going to be releasing singles for now. I’ve been working on a couple of different songs that are really fun! I’m actually releasing a new song, ‘How to Keep Your Baby’ really soon.

iaam: Oh, sounds awesome! Any details on the new single?
Lauren Frawley:
All I can say is that it’s a guide for guys on the do’s and don'ts of treating your girl.

iaam: Do you have any dream collaborations?
Lauren Frawley:
Chance The Rapper for sure- I love him! Even though they’re not my genre, U2 [would be a dream collab] because I grew up listening to them. It would be so cool to have a jam session together. Oh, and Kendrick!

iaam: What inspires your music?
Lauren Frawley:
Literally everything inspires me. I can be having a conversation with someone and they can say a certain word and I’ll have to stop the conversation and immediately write it down. Ten minutes later, I’ll go to my piano and write a whole song about it. [I also get inspiration from] people on the street, dreams, and of course, personal experiences.


iaam: What is your favorite form of social media and how has it helped you connect with your fans?
Lauren Frawley:
My all time favorite is Instagram! I actually started posting videos on Instagram when I was in 8th grade. I [changed schools in] 8th grade because people were so mean. The school kept telling my mom that I should stay so the kids don’t feel like they won. But, my thing was posting videos on Instagram because I knew they still followed me. The more I posted, the more people saw it and started following me. The more people followed me and loved my music, the less I cared about those kids in 8th grade.

I connect through fans on there. A lot of people started messaging me that I inspire them and it makes me feel so happy and like everything is worth it.

iaam: Any advice to readers that are trying to get into the music scene? 

Lauren Frawley: Definitely be active in posting on social media and trying to get your name out there. YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, everywhere to get the most people to follow you and share your music!

iaam: Lastly, iaam is running a campaign called Smart is Sexy; meaning we are trying to promote inner beauty and intelligence, not just outer appearance alone. What does Smart is Sexy mean to you?
Lauren Frawley:
Being confident! When you are confident with who you are within yourself, you stand taller and it’s easier for other people to believe in you. In the end, you’re not just about your outer beauty but your inner beauty too.

Lauren surely gave a very insightful interview and we are happy to see someone so young and talented doing big things! Make sure you keep an eye out for Lauren’s new single, ‘How to Keep Your Baby’.
For all updates and new music, follow Lauren on Twitter @FrawleyLauren, Souncloud @LaurenFrawley and Instagram @FrawleyLauren.

“Gather your strength, gain wisdom, and beautiful stories. Be brave and you’ll have the time of your life”

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The College of New Jersey
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