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Get It Girl by Mann ft. T-Pain (Hip Hop & Rap Music Video)

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“The First shall be last and the last shall be first. This means everything happens on its own time.”
Mann, Rapper & Pop Star

Meet hip hop and pop star MANN, who makes the music for celebration.  He has already worked with numerous artists like T-Pain, 50 Cents, Snoop Dog, Jason Derulo and many others.
Besides being the rare West Coast rapper signed to the East Coast-centric Def Jam, Mann was only 18 years old when he was signed to the label.   The L.A. native studied acting and dance in high school and joined a number of local hip-hop crews before attempting a solo career.    In 2008 he signed with the A2Z Entertainment agency and a year later he signed with Def Jam.   In 2010 the label issued his singles “Text” with Jason Derülo and “Buzzin’” with 50 Cent.   Mann mixes hip hop and pop seamlessly with gusto and substance.

Mann Steve T-Pain

Meet Mann: Def Jam’s Hardest Working Rapper

iaam: What should we expect with your upcoming music video “Get It Girl” ft T-Pain?
The new video is going to continue with the themes of all the videos from the Mann’s World album. I t's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of pretty girls, and an overall great visual for the song.

“Get It Girl”

“Mann Ft. T-Pain "Get It Girl" Music Video | Official Behind the Scenes”
iaam: Your newest video “Shaded Up” was just released on YouTube. What is the message behind the lyrics?
Shaded Up is really about my lifestyle.  The goal was to show the way that I chill and what I'm about.  I am all about having a good time and making sure those around me are having a good time.  I'm also very calm and collected.  So the track has a very calm feeling to it.  It's shaded, meaning cool.

“Shaded Up Chillin”

iaam: What inspires you to rap and write music?
Honestly just life.  All I do is live and get inspired to write music.  Life experiences inspire me to write.  Sometimes my experience and sometimes people close to me experiences.  I trying to appeal to the world with my own ideas and opinions on things.

iaam: What is it like to work with 50 Cent, T-Pain, Snoop Dog etc.?
It's truly a blessing to have said I have met and did records with these people.  I respect each one of these guys a whole lot in this industry.  Especially for me to be so young, I'm only 20yrs old.  The only 20 yr old to work and shoot videos with snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and 50 cent!?
iaam: Did you always aspire to become a music artist or did you have other dreams?
I originally just wanted to be an actor.  That's still the end goal, but right now I'm putting all of my focus solely into my music.  Right now I am living a story that is very interesting and worthy to be told through music.  When life doesn't inspire me to write a hot song anymore, then I'll get into my acting.
iaam: How has your overseas travel experience broaden effect of your cultural awareness?
Going overseas was one of the best things to ever happen to me. Seeing the world opened my eyes to a lot of different music and cultures.  It's made me an all around better artist and person I think.
iaam: What has been your greatest challenge to overcome as a musician and personally?
Musically, just getting the respect of the older crowd.  I got signed at such a young age it has been hard to get people who were older to appeal to my music.  I always try to keep it real with my age group and peers when I make my music.  Now that i'm older and have been in the industry for a while that is starting to get easier.  Personally it's just getting the courage to stand for what I believe in my music.  Taking control of my own career is something that was also hard because of my age.

Read the Part II of Mann’s interview and watch his hit music video Buzzin’ featuring 50 Cents.

Follow Mann on Facebook and get the latest news and updates from him. Check out his website www.mannsworld.net.
His Twitter handle is @mann.  If you can’t get enough of his music buy Mann's songs on itunes.

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision” ~ Helen Keller

Courtney King
Courtney King

Georgia State University

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