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Boys of Summer Tour Heating Up With Carson Lueders

Posted by iaam

What has heart throb Carson Lueders been doing all summer? Touring, hanging out, meeting fans and exploring new places! Check out what Carson has to say about the Boys of Summer Tour and his latest song “All Day”.


iaam: Describe the Boys of Summer Tour in one word. What has been your favorite part of the tour?
Carson Lueders:
Boys of Summer Tour described in one word would be Fun!
 My favorite part of the Boys of Summer Tour was meeting all my fans and performing for everyone.

iaam: What is the craziest thing you have done on tour so far?
i The Craziest thing I have done on tour was falling out of my bunk while we were driving to the next city. It was pretty funny since my bunk was a top bunk.

iaam: What is your favorite part of giving live performances?
My favorite part of live performances is getting that adrenaline rush before I take the stage and the awesome time I have on stage, there isn’t a better feeling.

iaam: What are three words that would describe all of your fans? Do you have anything you would like to say to them?
Three words that would describe my fans are awesome, loyal, and amazing.  I want to say to all my fans THANK YOU!  Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to do whatever you want to do in life. I love you all.

iaam: Most amazing/epic fan experience?
The most epic fan experience has to be when a girl came to my NYC show all the way from Spain. When we met she was crying and didn’t stop for awhile.  It was fun to meet her and spend time with her.

iaam: How do you entertain yourself while you are travelling from place to place for the tour?
I keep entertained while traveling between cities on tour by playing video games, eating, sleeping and just hanging out.


iaam: How do you keep your energy up so you can give an amazing performance every time?
I keep my energy up for performances by eating right, drinking plenty of water and then right before I go on stage I do push-ups and jumping jacks to get me hyped up for the crowd.

iaam: How do you relive stress on the road? What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?
Stress??  I don’t really feel a lot of stress on the road.  My favorite things to do during free time on the road are exploring the new cities I am in or playing some basketball and shopping.

iaam: What is your favorite lyric in your latest song “All Day”? What gave you the inspiration for the song?
My favorite lyric is “I do this for you” which is what the song is all about. “All Day” was inspired by my fans; I have the greatest fans in the world and just wanted to let them know how special they are to me.

iaam: Which ice cream flavor is your favorite?
My favorite flavor ice cream is Butterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

iaam: What is your favorite drink to quench thirst during the summer?
My favorite drink to quench my thirst is Gold Peak Peach Ice Tea.

iaam: What is your signature dance move? Do you have any dancing tips for beginner dancers?
  My signature dance move is the wave with a moon walk.
My tips for someone beginning to dance would be practice, practice, practice, and give it your all.  When I started I was stiff but learned to loosen up and have fun with the moves I was being taught and be confident.

iaam: What was the most exciting part about filming the “All Day” music video?
The most exciting part of filming the “All Day” music video was being on set all day.  It’s a lot of work but I have a lot of fun doing it. Loved doing the dance scenes with the dancers and videos are just fun to shoot.

iaam: What is the best thing about summer in your opinion? Are you thinking about a future summer tour?
The best thing about summer is not being in school, being home in Spokane and hanging out on the lake. My future tour plans would love to get back on the road and will be sure to let you know when something is confirmed.

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Follow Carson on Twitter @carsonlueders and follow him on Instagram casronlueders!

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