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Travis Porter introduces Red Rock Indie Movie

Posted by iaam

“Red Rock” starring Travis Porter, the rap and hip hop star!

AYE LADIES (and gentlemen), iaam.com presents to you the 3-part music-and now movie-sensation, Travis Porter.  Since their middle school days, step brothers Ali and Quez, and mutual friend Strap have been exploring and pushing the boundaries of rap and hip-hop Music.  They’ve collaborated such successful rap artists as Drake and Tyga, and have become known for their beat bumping party hits like “Go Shawty Go”“Bring it Back”, and “Aye Ladies”, their most successful song to date.

Now, these young rappers, producers, and performers can add “actors” to their repertoire.  The boys of Travis Porter took their first shot at acting in the new film “Red Rock”, their second feature film following their documentary: “Proud to be a Problem”. They discussed their rise to success and what they promise to be a hilarious action-packed movie experience with iaam.com

iaam: Describe your film Red Rock.  What has the filming process been like?  How long has it taken?  Who has been involved?
Travis Porter:
It’s kind of action and comedy.  We never really made a movie like this before so it was fun and a great experience.  Can’t really remember how long it took exactly (laughing) we were just having fun.
Travis Porter
iaam: How is Red Rock different from your first film "Proud to be a Problem"?
Travis Porter:
We’ve done a documentary before but that’s really like our life story you know.  We’re letting you see who we are and how we got here.  Red Rock is really us acting, it’s not our life.

iaam: Describe Red Rock.  What should Team Travy expect from this film?
Travis Porter:
It’s pretty funny but then you see us running around like action stars too. Team Travy will love it because they know our personalities and they get to see another side to that.

Latest Film Trailer of Red Rock

iaam: What is Team Travy?  Any words or messages you want to share with Team Travy?
Travis Porter:
Team Travy is our great fan base.  They’re loyal supporters and rock with us heavy.  We appreciate them and want them to know how much they mean to us.

iaam: Describe your music style.  How is it different from other music on the radio?  How are you going to stay relevant in the future?
Travis Porter:
It’s just us really.  We make something for the club, something to ride to, something for just about everyone really.  But it’s just us. We’re three people contributing what we feel or think or just having a good time doing what we love with music.  We’re going to keep pushing the bounds and doing something new but we stay true to ourselves.

iaam: Where did the name Travis Porter come from?
Travis Porter:
We started with a different name, but when we started brainstorming for a new name, Travis Porter eventually just stuck.

iaam: How did Porter House Music Group come into being?
Travis Porter:
Through a lot of hard work.  We really want to be a business in this industry, not just artist.  Thankfully we have a great team behind us to help make that work.

Bring it back Music Video by Travis Porter

iaam: When the 3 of you started Travis Porter, did you picture the group being this successful?  Did you start out wanting to be involved in film as well as music?  Are there any more films in your future?
Travis Porter:
We didn’t really know what to expect. Every success has been a blessing but we definitely look forward to the future and even going further.  Eventually we started thinking beyond music but we’re going to keep that going to.  Yeah, you’ll have a lot more to look for from us.

iaam: Any advice for aspiring rappers and musicians?
Travis Porter:
Don’t give up.

“Red Rock” is now available on DVD, Netflix, and iTunes.  Get the latest updates on hip hop and rap music from Travis Porter on Facebook.
Follow Travis Porter! @TravisPorter

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are"
~Theodore Roosevelt

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Jolie Doggett
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