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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Movie Trailers

Posted by iaam

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy.

Starring: Logan Lerman - Percy Jackson

Alexandra Daddario - Annabeth Chase

Nathan Fillion - Hermes

Jake Abel - Luke Castellan

Stanley Tucci - Dionysus

Anthony Head - Chiron

Brandond T. Jackson - Grover Underwood

Solange Knowles - Silena Beauregard

Thor Freudenthal

In Theaters: 7 August 2013

Percy Jackson, our favorite demi-god, is back. And now, he’s heading underwater. Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters takes the children of Zeus, Poseidon and Athena on a new adventure.  Camp Half-Blood is attacked and left unprotected.  Now it is up to Percy, Grover and Annabeth to recover the mythical Golden Fleece to save it.  The only problem is that they must head to the Bermuda Triangle.  This new film will be fun for the whole family, specially fans of the Percy Jackson books written by Rick Riordan. The movie comes with a few plot surprises and unexpected actors.  Nathan Fillion and Stanley Tucci fans will be happy to know that they have both joined the world of the gods.  And the best part is that the movie will be available as a 3D adventure.

Can’t wait for Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters? Tell us why in the comment section!

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And because I know you want to watch clips from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters over and over again:

Escribo para vaciar mi mente y llenar mi corazon
I write to empty my mind and fill my heart - Paulo Coelho

Olga Gonzalez Latapi

Northwestern University

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