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Monsters University Movie Trailers

Posted by iaam

Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy.

Starring the voices of:
Billy Crystal - Mike
John Goodman - Sullivan
Steve Buscemi - Randy
Helen Mirren - Dean Hardscrabble
Nathan Fillion - Johnny

Director: Dan Scanlon

In Theaters:
21 June 2013


There’s a saying among college students right now on their way to see Monsters University: “Move over kid, I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.”  And waiting we have.  And that was no accident.  The new prequel to Monsters Inc. was purposefully delayed so that the many fans it harbored almost 10 years ago found themselves in the same place as one of our favorite monsters: Mike Wazowski.  The movie focuses on young Mike as he struggles to find himself and follow his dream of being a scarer at the top university for his desired major: MU.  It definitely delivers a good message for the younger viewers in the audience, telling kids to work hard for what they want, but its clear that the true fans of this movie call a university their home as well.  We see ourselves in Mike and understand his struggles, especially for college students like me that are also part of a sorority or a fraternity.  We too get terrifying professors, Greek life, annoying (or amazing) roommates.  We have all been here.  Rather, we are all there. The movie touches on any type of insecurities that a college student might feel.  As Mike finds himself, we do too.  With an unexpected ending (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you), Monsters University also does a good job of keeping us on our toes. It is no wonder that it was the #1 movie in the Weekend Box Office. Monsters University perfectly connects with the first (or next, depending how you look at it), movie Monsters Inc.


Did you like Monsters University as much as Monsters Inc.? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

If you absolutely loved this movie make sure to look at the trailers for Oz: The Great and  Powerful.

And because we know you all love Monsters University so much that here are the trailers that you can watch over and over again:

Monster University movie trailers

Movie trailer of Monsters University

Theatrical trailer

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orthwestern University

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