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#FixYoungAmerica: Empowering our Youth and Rejuvenating Our Economy

Posted by iaam
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where will you be on April 19th at 2 PM? Hopefully, you’ll be at a #FixYoungAmerica rally or, at the very least, supporting the cause.  The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), headed by Scott Gerber, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars have created this great campaign to empower today’s youth and urge our decision makers to help struggling young adults make their way in the world.  It is our time to act to make our economy stronger and more vibrant and it all starts with #FixYoungAmerica!

Rally in for Colbert

So, you may be thinking, how badly do young adults need to be helped? Well, here are two outstanding figures:

1.    Youth employment is at 60 year low, and

2.    College debt currently exceeds $1 trillion

Judging by those statistics alone, it is evident that something MUST be done.  So, Gen Y, where does the solution lie?

Gerber seeks to employ 21st century solutions for 21st century problems.  His main goal is to spur entrepreneurship at all levels.  Using one’s creativity and imagination to land a job is important, but using it to come up with new ideas for businesses is even more so.  By “taking the path less traveled” and fending for one’s self through individual innovation, the economy can slowly be rebuilt.

The unfortunate situation here is that entrepreneurship is not stressed in education at most levels. How many countless hours have you spent slaving away at formulas and assignments that have specified ways of going about them?  How many classes have you had that really let you explore your own ideas and see if they have the ability to grow within your student body or community at large?  The answer to this is probably few, if any at all. This discrepancy has major ramifications for our country’s economic strength.

In order to allow for young entrepreneurs to grow and prosper, our education system needs to be reformed.  Gerber has offered other solutions as well such as urging our decision makers to create “Student loan forgiveness or deferral for young entrepreneurs, using the precedent
set by Income-Based Repayment (IBR),” and franchising as a way to earn a living, as opposed to the traditional route of going to college to prepare for a job.

Here’s our chance to make a difference. There are plenty of ways to get involved! These include:

Sharing the Stephen Colbert banners on Facebook as part of our effort to recruit Colbert to join the campaign and raise awareness about youth unemployment.  Stephen Colbert understands our Generation and has continually made an impact on important political issues.  How amazing would it be to get him as the face of #FixYoungAmerica?

Clicking to Tweet Stephen Colbert directly, and asking him to support the #FixYoungAmerica cause and help us fight for greater opportunities.

• Texting “FixYoungAmerica” to 82257 to join the street team.

• Joining or starting your own local #FixYoungAmerica rally on April 19th. Rallies will start at 2 PM, will occur in all 50 states, and over 300 college campuses!

So there you have it.  A campaign focused on opening up the opportunities for all of us.  This is our chance to show the politicians on Capitol Hill that we are looking to reform our economy through innovation and entrepreneurship, but that it can’t happen without their help.  The iaam team supports all those budding entrepreneurs out there, and we hope to see you at rally on April 19!

Lauren Nevidomsky
Lauren Nevdomsky

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