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Madeleine McGraw: Rising Actress and Model

Posted by iaam

Madeleine McGraw is 7 years old, working hard, playing soccer, going to school, modeling, acting and even doing background vocals! The actress is one of the most-watched rising young stars today! Her new show, Outcast, produced by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and starring Patrick Fugit, incorporates a sci-feel that makes it even more thrilling to watch. Outcast focuses on a young man who has been possessed since he was a child. As an adult, he realizes that there is a lot more going on than he thought. What he finds out could be mean the end of life on earth.
Along with starring in Outcast, Madeleine made an appearance in American Sniper as Bradley Cooper’s daughter! She is getting plenty of experience in acting and we are so excited to see what she does next!

iaam: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Madeleine McGraw:
Goofy, friendly and joyful

iaam: Can you tell us more about your character, Amber Barnes, in “The Outcast?” What is your favorite part about playing her?
I think I can talk a little bit more about her now that we are on episode 108.  Amber has been so angry with her mom because of what happened between them one night. Her mom tried to choke her and hurt her!! She saw the black stuff leave her mom and all Amber has wanted to do, was get to her dad and feel safe.Now that her mom left Amber with her dad, it gets really interesting.
My favorite part about playing her is the amount of time I get to spend with Patrick. We have lots and lots of fun on set!!

iaam: What has been the most exciting scene from the show that you’ve filmed so far?
I would definitely have to say the scenes in episodes 109 and 110 were the most exciting. Oh my gosh!! You have to watch to see what I am talking about.


iaam: You also got to star in “American Sniper,” did you have fun filming it? What is the most memorable and funniest moment from the set?
I had so much fun filming American Sniper. My twin brother, Aidan was also in the movie, so that made it even better. It was my first feature film, so all of it was super memorable. I loved filming the horse scene with Mr. Cooper. It was such a pretty day out and it was fun just hanging out on the fence talking with him and Mr. Eastwood.

iaam: What do you do when you aren’t filming? What are your favorite hobbies?
When I am not filming I go to regular school. I also love playing soccer and spending as much time at Disneyland as I can with my family. I have two brothers and a younger sister. It's never boring at our house.
iaam: What is one thing you have always wanted to do?
Every time I go to Disneyland/California Adventure I measure myself for the roller coaster, California Screamin. I really want to grow a few inches so I can see what a real roller coaster is like.

iaam: Along with the acting, you have also done some modeling. What do you like about modeling?
I love modeling so much!! You get to sit in hair and makeup and you are usually in cool clothes and shoes. Sometimes you get to play with toys that aren't even out yet! It's so much fun!

iaam: Do you enjoy acting or modeling more? What has been more of a fun experience for you?
I really love them both! They are both super fun. The best part of both is the cool friends I make on set! You become really close after spending even just a day together. 

iaam: What is your all-time favorite movie?
Definitely ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

iaam: What is one thing nobody knows about you?
I have a birthmark on the bottom of my right foot. When I was doing a scene from Outcast where I was laying on the floor playing with the dolls, one of the crew members thought I had dirt on the bottom of my foot (laughing).

iaam: Do you get to see your siblings often? What is something memorable that you have gotten to do with them?
I get to see my brothers and sister all the time, except for when I am on location for Outcast. They are all going to come and visit me this season. I already can't wait! We have so much fun together. 
Because we are always so busy, we don't usually get to go on a family vacation, so we have Disney passes and go a lot. I would say some of our best memories are made there.I also love Christmas time with my family. My mom has lots of fun traditions for us!!


iaam: What is your favorite food?
I love shrimp and sushi!

iaam: What does a normal day look like for you?
During the school year when I am not filming, I get up, have breakfast and go to school. Most of the time I have auditions after school and so do my brothers and sister. In the fall I play soccer. My mom is trying to find me a team to play on while I am out here in South Carolina. I would say for the most part I do what every kid does, learn and play and then I audition for stuff or work which may be a little different.

iaam: What are your two favorite songs right now?
Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake and Hallucinating by Elohim (I actually got to go in the studio and do some background vocals for this song) It's such a great song and not just because I got to work on it. It's just really that good!!!

Make sure to keep up with Madeleine by following her on Twitter @maddygmcgraw and on Instagram @officialmadeleinemcgraw!

“If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude”
~Maya Angelou

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