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6 Ways To Become A Stress Free Student

Posted by iaam

The summertime is easy going and relaxing but what should you do to stay calm when school starts again?  When the papers pile up and the books start rolling in what can a student do to keep a level head?  These next few tips will keep you feeling fresh and out of trouble when the school year gets tough.

1. Don’t waste time plan ahead instead!
The most important thing to do as a student is to stay organized.  Make sure at the start of the school year to purchase an agenda book or some sort of planner.  Utilize both the monthly and weekly calendars.  As you receive an assignment write it down immediately, but then also mark down the day you plan on doing it.  If you organize your work into portions and space them out it won’t seem as much of a burden.  You’ll find if you set aside a certain amount of time you won’t feel as stressed about deadlines!

2. Create a healthy diet and stick to it!
It’s easy to stuff your face with chips and cookies when you’re up late studying. When you put bad things into your body that’s exactly how you will feel; BAD!  When you eat the right kinds of foods your body will repay you for it. One of the most important things to do is eat breakfast.  Try making a strawberry banana shake with some Greek yogurt and frozen fruit; it’s a great way to start the day of right and get your brain going in a healthy way.  Instead of snacking on potato chips have a handful of almonds.  They are packed with B and E vitamins and they help improve your immune system.  You don’t want to get sick before that big final do you?  It is also said that sweet potatoes are stress-reducing because they fill the urge for both sweets and carbohydrates.  If you do a little research you can find all kinds of foods to eat that will leave you feeling fit, healthy, and stress free!
Healthy Food Choices

3. Stay out of trouble.
Many teens and college students think the only way to relax and get away from the stress of schoolwork is to go out on the weekend and get wild.  Taking drugs and drinking alcohol is not the way to find your release.  Alcohol is a depressant, therefore while you may think throwing back drinks will help you forget about that paper you forgot to write or the test you aren’t prepared for it will actually do the opposite.  You may find yourself suddenly feeling overwhelmed or even getting down on yourself.  There are many reasons why you should stay away from drugs. For example many drugs do damage to the brain.  There are many ways you can relax without using substances.

4. Roll out the yoga mat.
Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and stay calm when the going gets tough. One of the most recommended ways to do this is by practicing yoga.  The act relaxes your whole body as well as your mind.  When you focus on the task at hand rather than the pile of books sitting on your bed you will calm down.  Yoga revolves a lot around breathing which will help you relieve your brain of anxieties.  It is noted that yoga improves memory, learning efficiency, and cognitive function.  Add yoga to your stress relief tool belt and use it as a release.
Young Woman practicing yoga

5. Set aside time to earn some money and be with friends!
Studying and homework is a priority, however everyone needs room in their life for some fun and responsibility!  Some students work themselves into frenzy over all of the deadlines and upcoming assignments.  Creating a balance between schoolwork, employment and a social life will help balance out your stresses.  Having a part time job during school teaches responsibility.  Not only will going to work force you to take a break from your studies, but you will also earn some extra cash to do things with your friends.  Designate at least one day a week to do something fun with your friends.  For example, go to the movies and let your mind focus on something else while socializing and getting away from your studies for a while.  Learn to separate work from play to lower your stress levels.

6. Do not procrastinate!
If you procrastinate your work will take you much longer than needed.  Feel confident when writing papers and studying for that upcoming test and you will get more accomplished!  Hand in assignments on time so that they don’t pile up and cause anxiety.  If you rush to complete schoolwork they will not be done to your best ability.  Procrastination leads to more work and more stress so get a hold of that can do attitude and get your work done on time!
Listen to the tips provided here and prepare for a stress free school year.  By following a healthy diet and exercise plan you can reduce school-induced stress and look great doing it.  Make sure to plan ahead and get things on time so you don’t become overwhelmed.  Don’t fall into the trap and get involved in drinking or drugs because that will cause you harm.  Keep a good head on your shoulders; take time to relax and have fun and the stresses of the school year won’t wear you down!  You might also like Rachel's blog on Time and Stress Management for a College Students.

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Heather Newman
Heather Newman
Molloy College – Rockville Centre, NY

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