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5 Reasons College Students Should Consider Virtual Internship

Posted by iaam

With internet technology advancement and multiple communication options, working in the office is so last century!  A lot of media and technology companies have moved to virtual offices.  Demand for virtual internships are rising rapidly.  As a college student it is worth your time to have virtual experience on your resume in your field of studies.

Student Virtual Internship

A virtual internship is an internship where you can work from the comfort of your own dorm room or your apartment.  It still allows you to gain valuable experience in your field of study; you just do not have to go to work in an office every day.  Some sites that can help you find virtual internships include www.internqueen.com, www.internships.com, company websites and traditional job searching sites.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a virtual internship:

1. Offers flexibility

Virtual internships offer great flexibility.  This is especially important for busy college students. Employers offering virtual internships may live in another state or city and will allow you to work around your school schedule wherever you may be.  They help you save a lot of money as it provides you with opportunity of working from home instead of moving to big cities like New York, Los Angles or Chicago where a cost of living is very high. 

2. Teaches you time management
Since you won’t have a boss hounding you about getting work done at a specific time, you will need to learn how to manage your time more wisely.  I am participating in a virtual internship currently and I need to set up a schedule that I devote solely to my internship or I know that I may forget about something due.  I try to always get my work done in the mornings before my classes start in the afternoon.

Why Do an Internship

3. Still gives you valuable experience
Though you are not in an office where your future job may actually take place, virtual internships can still teach you just as much as a traditional internship.  Since it is virtual, you really get out of it what you put in.  If you want to learn more, tell your manager and they are usually always willing to give you more responsibilities so you can expand your skill set.  It also helps you get relevant experience in your major.  Your future employer is going to see this closely when they receive your resume.  In this economy the experience in relevant field will make you stand out among all the applicants.

4. You can work independently

Some students just do not like team work because they put in all the work while others get away with contributing nothing—well this would be a perfect reason to take a virtual internship!  Though you do need to work with your manager and communicate with them on a regular basis, you basically choose your hours (as long as you complete the work when required).  Since you are alone on your projects, you also need to be willing to ask questions when you need help or don’t fully understand your tasks.  This will show your future employers that you are responsible productive, know time management and have communication skills required to do the job.

Case study on why you need internship before you graduate

5. It better prepares you for your future career
Some studies are suggesting that companies are moving toward off-site jobs.  It is expensive for companies to keep up an office and all the costs that come along with it.  So in order to save money, many employers are beginning to offer full-time, paid position to people in different cities that are willing to work off-site (such as their own home).  It’s also shown that people who get to work at home are more productive because they are not being distracted by other co-workers or things happening around the office.

So hopefully you have learned a little more about what a virtual internship is and the many benefits they offer.  I definitely recommend them to any college student who needs an internship and expand their horizons!  If you decide to get a virtual internship then read my article on How to Get Most Out of a Virtual Internships based on my virtual internship.  Also check out my article on 5 Ways Internships can Help College Students.

iaam also has several virtual internships and blogger positions for students who are interested in media and entertainment careers.  So if you are looking for high school and college internships you can apply at iaam. We offer marketing internships, publishing internships, writing internships, graphic design internship, journalism internships, public relations internships and fashion internships.  Send your resumes and interests to resumes@iaam.com.  Share your comments if you had a virtual internship and how they have helped you. 

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Stephanie Latassa
University of Florida

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