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6 Career Tips for College Students

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It is very important to learn the skills you will need to get and perform jobs in your chosen career as soon as possible.  Many businesses expect you to have the skill set necessary to perform the job from day one.  They have cut back on employee training and development.  So you need to be active in developing real-world experience and learning about the latest developments in the industry while you’re still in college.  Try to stay ahead of the curve by self-learning. 

1. Get an Internship:  Internships are a great way to get trained in the field you are pursuing.  You will not only get to apply what you learn during the internship, but you will also learn about different jobs in your field.  You can casually interview people who are in those jobs.  Find out in a friendly way how they got there and get their recommendations for you if you’re interested in a similar job.  You might end up having a mentor and continue your relationship with them even after you’re done with the internship.  You can read more on how internships can help you and why you should consider virtual internship

2. Be Open to Learning: In many industries the technology changes very fast.  Be open to learning new things and stay abreast on the latest trends and the impacts they will have on your industry.

3. Master the Communication: This is such crucial skill, not just to launch your career but to be successful in your job.  You will have to master writing, listening, presenting, and convincing others to follow your lead.  Take a class or a webinar to learn about different modes of communication.  Practice to perfect your communication skills.

Career Tips

4. Get a Mentor: Role models provide guidance on your career path.  You can find mentors at your job, at college, or through friends and family.  You can reach out to a potential mentor and see if they would be open to mentoring you for a specific purpose and timeframe.

5. Network: Build your network at college, at your job, and at professional or charity organizations.  Take a leadership role at different organizations and let others know about your expertise.  Always be available to help others who can open doors for you later.

6. Learn to Connect the Dots: When you get a job you also get the opportunity to learn everything you can about the company.  Learn on your free time how others contribute to the company.  Take a leadership role to collaborate or volunteer to assist others when they need help.  The more you understand how others fit into the company and its vision, the better you’ll understand the company, the industry, and the whole business community.  Then you’ll be able to concentrate on solving bigger problems and help the company in bigger ways.  This will drive your career growth.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Malini Hoover
Malini Hoover

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