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Best Friend For Now?

Posted by iaam

Here comes the inevitable, did I just give another person a “title” they didn’t deserve? Here comes my all-time favorite mistake, “Oh hey! I know we only have known each other for a few hours, but you’re my new best friend!” I know many of us are guilty for doing something similar. No reason to hide that you have done this either. No need to feel ashamed about it neither. Now rise up and take a bow my friends to your audience, you have just been pinpointed as the person who has “more best friends than Snow White,” and she had 7 dwarfs on top of that. You’re probably wondering why I am beating myself up on that particular issue or maybe you feel as if I’m lecturing you, but I can assure you folks, that I know for a fact, that best-friend shopping does not come as quick and easy as your coffee does from Starbucks. In fact, I believe hot coffee usually comes with a caution label, if only people that we meet came with one too.

Ever had a friend who would always be the first to glamorize their day by speaking about their weekend and how they met this “awesome” person and how they clicked and such, and then be like, “ Oh yea, we’re like totally best friends now too”?  Yeah, I actually did have a friend like that. On a side note, when I made befriending mistakes I did not radio advertise that type of language. Anyhow, this old friend of mine used to speak of a new best friend every 2 weeks, literally. In addition, before the new second week approached, this friend of mine would always have this horrid story about how their new “I swear they’re like my other half” best friend was not the best after all. This is definitely no surprise to me. Folks, how do you expect to get to know someone fully in such a short period of time, and then have the audacity to call them “thy my new best friend”?

I’ve noticed as people, we throw official titles around like boomerangs. But what is the boomerang suppose to do when you launch it? That’s right, it’s suppose to come back right to you, and if your lucky it wont hit you in the face. If the message is not clear, let me put it to you this way. I once made a best friend at some random party, and realized how she and me were getting along so well. The next day, I woke up to twenty missed calls and roughly fifteen texts. If my eyes could tell stories that very moment, it would have exemplified a horror story. She did not stop calling and texting for three weeks straight, in fact, during the three weeks of being harassed she texted me explaining what a “best friend” should be like. My final answer to her was only a “block button” away from my wireless account.

The point is folks that we are living in a world with strangers all around us with all sorts of personalities coming from every direction. The next time you decide you’ve met the “perfect” friend, think twice. Do not make the same mistake I did or do not repeat the mistakes like my old friend did. And most importantly, never judge a book by its cover because sometimes the binding is not all cracked up as it’s supposed to be. I’m just happy I never gave that girl my address, no block button for that.


There comes a time when everyone should realize the meaning of being a best friend. And if we break down the word: best friend, we would conclude that the person is the best at being there for you, best at giving advice for you, and last but least, your “best friend” should not, by any means, cause you to feel defensive. There could be much more of these “best” qualities existing with your best friend of your choice (I’m not doubting that). And yes folks, we do get to choose who we befriend and who we un-friend. Who we meet in our lives may lay with destiny, but whom we choose to further our type of relationship with is our choice. So think to yourself - Have you honestly chosen the right best friend?   
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“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.” – Marilyn Monroe

Matthew Tabrizizadeh
Southern New Hampshire University
B.A in Advertising C/O 2014
Follow me on Twitter @tabrizi1988

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