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4 Tips to Selfless Self- Acceptance

Posted by iaam

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” ~ Mark Twain

Finding the way to accept your life and yourself is often the road less traveled.  In a society where the norm is publicized through marketed images of fame and fortune anyone can feel at odds.  Through the seeds of self- acceptance a fruitful tree of opportunities, confidence, and happiness can grow.  In four simple steps you can reach the goal of living your life intended with the approval you need most; your own.

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1. Volunteering: Often times we as humans cater to our own set-backs.  We are innately selfish and question our lives scathingly.  By turning “What about me?” into “What about we?” the element of the self is transformed into a bettered being.  Looking within your own community broadens the perspective of what others face within their lives.  Through clarity and the selflessness to help them with their challenges, the obstacle of harboring genuine gratitude for your life is overcome.  From feeding the hungry to walking dogs at a local pet shelter, any inkling of looking at life in a negative light is alleviated.

2. Honing Hobbies:
Good at a skill?  Got a great talent others admire?  Hone it for it is unique to you.  Giving credit to the abilities you possess immediately lifts self- confidence. That confidence can open doors to help others which in turn creates a cycle of never ending self -acceptance.  Through your one ability hundreds even millions can be motivated to fulfill their own dreams!  Get involved with your school or college’s organizations geared toward your hobbies.  If none are available, accept that you have the drive and passion to create a group.  Getting involved with others who exhibit like natures or qualities governs appreciation for your own unique traits.  Also Read Nicole's articles on How to Find a Perfect Hobby and 5 Reasons to Have a Hobby.

3. Encouraging Others: It can be difficult encouraging others when we are our own worst bully.  We build confidence on unsettled ground only to watch ourselves tumble down in a spiral of self-defeat. However, when another such as a friend or loved one knocks themselves down, we become a pillar of support and hope to help them get through their dilemmas.  They then soar and succeed becoming better than they were before.  This is turn teaches us that when we fail we are not failures and in need of perfecting our results.  The positive affirmations and support we give others can be turned around and directed inwardly.  The next time you don’t overcome an obstacle or meet a goal, think “If I were (someone you love or a friend) what would I say to them?”

4. Be Genuinely Kind:
Sometimes people are nice when it is convenient to them.  We are plastic and stiff, like mannequins in a store front.  When is the last time you genuinely smiled at a stranger or intently listened to your friend discussing the news?  You probably do it often but you may not mean it often.  Monitor your interactions with others as they indicate how you treat yourself.  If you smile or speak without spirit, more than likely your internal voice is identical.  Flip those responses with positive sayings clearly thought out and brought about from goodness.  Soon enough each and every thought uttered in your mind will be identical as well.

"It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision"-Helen Keller.

Courtney King
Courtney King

Georgia State University

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