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Q & A

1) Is it free to enter in the contest? How often do you run the contest?
Yes, our contests are always absolutely free. iaam contests are run monthly which allows for several opportunities for participants to win.

2) How many times can I enter each contest?
You may enter the contest as many times as you like as long as it is a different video, photo, music or writing.

3) How old do I have to be in order to enter into the contest?
If you are 13 – 21 years old and living in United States you can submit your work and have a chance to win a prize or cash.

4) Who will judge the contests?
All contests are judged by your peers and the iaam community so once you upload your submission you should invite your friends to rate it! If your fellow iaam community members like your submission and you receive the highest number of votes during the contest period, you win prizes and even cash!

5) Can I rate my own contest submission?
Yes, you may rate your contest submission! But be honest. The point of the contest is to find out what you are passionate about and how you can improve at what you really like to do.

6) Can I rate other members’ contest submissions?
Absolutely, Yes! We highly encourage you to vote on your peers submissions and commend them on a job well done! Help the best win. Your vote is a key to getting the best submission to win.

7) What will I win?
We will be running contests with fun prizes and sometimes even cash! Monthly prizes will be announced clearly on the home page and contest pages. Currently, we are only giving away prizes to first place submissions. We need minimum of 1000 submission in each video, photo, music and writing category to make it a competitive contest and give away the prizes. We would appreciate if you spread the word and let your friends know about the contest. Make them submit their great work so we can reach 1000 submission monthly and you can win prizes!

8) When and how will I be notified if I win?
You will be notified within two weeks of the monthly contest closing. To get in touch with you we will need a valid email address which you frequently check. When you get the email notifying you are a winner, you must submit a valid address to claim the prize and sign the registered mail when you accept the prize.

9) When I will I get my prize?
You will get your prize within 60 days of you being notified.


1 - Develop Your Submission
Whether a video, photo, or other creation, iaam and the rest of the world want to see and hear your best! Take your time and do it well. Make a rough draft. Think about it. Sleep on it. Ask your friend or parent to critique it for you. Remember it must be your own, original stuff. Finally, once you’re ready for the big time…

2 - Submit
Once you click the Submit button, your submission is unleashed in cyberspace. If we find it offensive or inappropriate, we’ll kill it on the spot, end of story. Otherwise, you get 500 iaam $$$ on the spot. We may exercise the right you have granted us to use, display, perform, and/or distribute the submission, in its original or edited form. This is how you will receive all the props and sugar-coating you deserve by hanging your name, photo, hometown, and/or other submitted personal data on your masterpiece. You could go to bed an unknown and wake up a celebrity! Although, unless your submission is drop-dead fabulous, that probably won’t happen because first you must…

3 - Get rated
While we may be easily impressed, in order to win your submission will have to impress your peers. It might take a few weeks for enough submissions to roll in (a minimum of 1000 submissions is required for each contest), and to get enough member judges to rate the submissions. The judges won’t know who you are and you won’t know them, so don’t worry about playing favorites. You say you want that kind of power? Well, you can also judge submissions in contests where you’re not submitting, and earn more iaam $$$ for doing it, so take it easy. And while you’re busy judging, doing some other important stuff, or just day-dreaming, you might just…

4 - Win!
OK, here’s the deal: if your submission is rated highest by your peers, then you win! You knew that. Yeah, but the sweet part is, if you win, you get a really cool prize or cash! Wow, how much you say? This depends on the specific contest you have entered. OK, we look forward to all of your submissions, and thanks for participating in iaam contests. You Rule!

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