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Smart is Sexy

What is 'Smart is Sexy'?

When you think ‘Smart,’ Sexy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You may think, Brain Surgeon (Some of which are SUPER sexual), you may think Computer Genius (Again, some are beyond sexual). But, you may not think of the Actors on TV or models on the runway as Smart. That leads us to the question “What is Smart?” and for that matter, “What is sexy?” and do the two go together.

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Smart is Sexy video gallery of celebrity quotes:

Read in depth interviews with celebrities who were asked about Smart is Sexy in their interviews.

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You can read all the interviews by searching 'Smart is Sexy' in the search box at www.iaam.com.

Click on the picture to download a blank flyer where you can fill out what you think is sexy. Share it on social media and remember to tag 5 people to take the challenge of sharing the quality they think is sexy in a person.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #smartissexy @iaam in your tweets. We will RT the best ones!!!

Smart is Sexy celebrity quotes are below for you to download and share on Social Media! Use the campaign hashtag w @iaam handle…

Jillian Rose Reed
Greer Grammer
Joey King
Katherine McNamara
Rohart Adams
Hatty Keane
Brec Bassinger
Tallia Storm

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